The moment you're at our door,

you'd have a unique dining experience as if you'd stepped into a different city!

Let our rustic Mediterranean charming interior take you to our

Italian corner. 

At Sale, we're proud of our knowledge about taste and expertise in Italian cuisine.  Visit us and be amazed by authentic,

foods rich in flavours,  presented beautifully.

​Michele Antonucci

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Our Art

Our Executive Chef

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We begin 2019 full of hope for positive changes throughout the year. We have an Italian chef, Michele Antonucci, who brings with him experience of working in Italy and Switzerland. He also spent six years working in Japan, during which time he collaborated with the renowned restaurant Bvlgari.

Taking over the reins of the Sale restaurant, he has recently been developing a programme of Italian cookery classes, and will soon open the 'Chef's table' (as he did in Japan), which allows clients to interact with the chef while they dine.